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Green Tree Frog

Common Names: Green Tree Frog

Scientific Name: Hyla cinerea

Distribution: Southeastern USA

Size: Female green tree frogs grow to about 2 1/2 inches, males are usually smaller.

Temperament: Green tree frogs are typically nervous. They are good for display purposes only. Do not handle unless necessary.

Hardiness: Green tree frogs are very hardy when properly maintained in a well planted terrarium.

Sexing: Male green tree frogs are smaller with a looser throat and nuptial pads on thumbs when in breeding condition.

Food:Green tree frogs should be fed nutrient fed and vitamin / calcium coated crickets, butterworms, house flies, spiders and various other small insects.

Housing: A tall spacious terrarium (minimum 10 gallon size) with a soil / sand mixture substrate. Landscape with plenty of sturdy live or artificial plants, clumps of damp moss, branches, cork bark slabs and driftwood.

Water: Provide a large shallow pan of aged or decholrinated/ dechloramined water for drinking, soaking and defecation. Change frequently as needed.

Use only dechlorimate/dechloramined water at all times.

Temperature/Humidity: Green tree frogs need day temperature between 74 degrees and 82 degrees F. Night temperatures can be between 64 degrees and 72 degrees F. Moderate to high humidity is provided by large water pan, clumps of damp moss, and frequent misting of terrarium. Also the green tree frog needs good ventilation to prevent buildup of stale air. A small electric fan would be useful.

Lighting: If live plants are used a full spectrum / U.V. radiation or plant light is recommended to keep the terrarium looking vibrant, otherwise special lighting is not needed as green tree frogs are nocturnal.

Heating: Incandescent full spectrum or plant light with a reflector situated over one side of the terrarium is sufficient to provide adequate daytime temperatures. Nighttime heating is not needed.

Notes: Green tree frogs make an excellent community tank animal. They can be housed with various Anoles, small Geckos, other Frogs, Newts, and Salamanders.

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