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Leopard Gecko

Common Names: Leopard Gecko, Pakistan Fattail Gecko

Scientific Name: Eublepharus maccularis

Distribution: Pakistan, Iran, India, Afghanistan

Size: Large Leopard Geckos can grow up to 9 inches long.

Temperament: Leopard Geckos usually have good dispositions, and are easily tamed. Male Leopard Geckos are incompatible and need to be kept separate.

Hardiness: Leopard Geckos are very hardy and easily maintained in captivity.

Sexing: Male Leopard Geckos have preanal pores and hemipenal bulges.

Food: Leopard Geckos eat nutrient fed and vitamin / calcium coated crickets, jumbo mealworms, butterworms, mealworms and baby mice.

Housing: Leopard Geckos need a minimum 10 gallon terrarium for 1 pair of adults or sub-adults. To add more female Leopard Geckos, a 20 gallon or larger set up is needed. Use a sand substrate. Landscape and create shelters and basking areas with select rocks, slate, cholla wood, driftwood, hollow logs, cork bark slabs and if desired live or artificial desert type plants.

Water: Provide a small crock of fresh water for drinking purposes at all times.

Temperature/Humidity: Leopard Geckos like day temperatures between 82 degrees F to 90 degrees F, gradient. They like night temperatures between 75 degrees F and 80 degrees F. Moisten the substrate under favored resting shelters about once a week to provide some humidity and promote proper skin shedding for your Leopard Gecko.

Lighting: Full spectrum lighting / U.V. radiation or any form of supplemental lighting is unnecessary for raising or maintaining Leopard Geckos in captivity, but can be used as a heat source.

Heating: Under tank reptile heating pads and hot rocks will provide 24 hour bottom surface heat. If needed supplemental daytime heat can be provided by situating incandescent light bulbs with reflectors over select basking areas. Use a thermometer.

Notes: African Fattail Geckos (Hemitbeconyx caudicinctus) can be set up and maintained under similar conditions. This species should be treated for internal parasites.

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