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Eastern Newt


Common Names: Eastern Newt, Red Spotted Newt (juvenile land stage - Eft)

Scientific Name: Notphalmus viridiscens

Distribution: Eastern U.S.A.

Size: Up to 4 inches, usually about 3 inches.

Temperament: Very compatible in large groups or in community tanks.

Hardiness: Very hardy and easy to maintain.

Sexing: Males in breeding condition develop enlarged back legs, with nuptial pads and a swollen vent.

Food: Tubifex worms, night crawler sections, daphnia and small insects. Takes live, dried, and freeze dried foods.

Housing: For ease of maintenance these newts can be set up in a 10 gallon aquarium with a gravel substrate and plenty of aquatic plants. Provide a water depth of 4"-8". Add some rounded cork bark slabs (floats) for hauling out purposes.

Water: Use only dechlorinated/dechloramined water, with under gravel or mechanical filtration.

Temperature/Humidity: 55F - 75F, this species prefers cooler temperatures.

Lighting: Standard aquarium lighting as for tropical fish is sufficient for most Newts.

Heating: Supplemental heating is not needed for this species, under normal conditions.

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